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Lamps care and cleaning

 Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a lamp to fail after the half-life of the lamp. This is often caused by the filter being cleaned too rarely by the projector.

In dirty or dusty environments, the dust filters of the lamp housing may become clogged and cause high temperatures and premature lamp failure. A routine maintenance and removal of dust from the filters reduces the operating temperature of the lamp and prolongs the service life.

Depending on the application, every 100 hours of the filter should be checked. If the filter is very dirty, the cleaning interval should be carried out every 50 hours.

These lamps must be strongly cooled. The lamp does not consist of a tungsten filament, which is made to glow, as it is with the normal incandescent bulb, but of two electrodes that produce a flash. This creates a lot of heat, which must be dissipated.

Therefore, the supply air and exhaust air of the projector should be at least 30 cm away from walls and other objects.
The firmware of the projector should always be up to date. Various InFocus projectors provide an upgrade for longer lamp life.
If the full brightness is not required e.g. The projector should be operated in eco mode at the cinema night. This not only keeps the lamp longer but also the black level and volume of the projectors improve.

All glass parts of the lamp should never be touched without gloves. Deposits as well as fingerprints can lead to special heat. In the long-term application, this can lead to severe temperature fluctuations and damage the lamp at an early stage.

The projector should always be switched off with the remote control. Since the beamer always switches to the cooling mode, it does not show any pictures but the lamp is controlled. The temperature of a lamp used can be many 1000 degrees. If the current supply is prematurely stopped, the lamp can no longer be cooled uniformly. This particular stress situation can lead to premature errors, and also to the direct bursting of the lamp.

It should also be borne in mind that a projector should only be operated at a room temperature of 5 - 35 degrees. (To be observed in the summer)

Lamp defects can be caused by special vibrations. A hot lamp is extremely brittle, before each transport the lamp should be correspondingly cooled down.

When the projector is turned on, it should run for at least 15 minutes to allow the lamp to regenerate from the ignition.